Turning Point South West Ltd is locally known to have high quality bespoke wood work. Carrying on the old craftsman tradition of  wood turning, taking mother natures creation of wood and bringing the beauty of the grain out to show it off to the world. The sight and feel of Turning Point's collection puts you into a wonderful sense of relaxation with its wonderful curves and ultimate soft touch.

Working with premium carpenters and joiners to create pieces that can only be described as works of art to please their clients.



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Wolf Rock Lighthouse Coming soon



Our new centre piece lighthouse lamp is coming to a show near you soon!



To respect the work that the UK lighthouses have done over the years saving lives at sea we are making a range of solid oak lamps in memory of all those lost and saved.

Turning Point News Updates

New Decoration range

A fantastic new range of Christmas tree decorations appearing in a wide range of woods. find your favourite at our next Christmas market.

Getting festive for Christmas shows

Getting in the festive mood, busy turning amazing Christmas decorations for our up and coming Christmas fairs

Preparing for the Christmas markets

Prepping for the Christmas markets this year using our home made photo studio keeping all our home made crafts under one roof.

Bespoke home turning

Woodturning to your design to make your staircase stand out



Wooden lamps

Our range of lamps from modern to traditional to suit every taste



Candle sticks

Candle sticks to make the most of a relaxing

night in



Get the latest look with Turning Point (sw)ltd!

Discover some of the highest quality wood turning your finger tips will ever be treated to. Turning Point will be showcasing their work in multiple countryside shows this year. 

Come see us at the following shows near you.

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