-Delivery cost

On our Etsy page all prices include delivery so there is no need to worry about any unexpected costs! If however you are after a product that isn't listed there then please contact us to enquire about it and we will ensure we inform you of any delivery costs the item may incur. 

-Do you run courses

-Can I get an item made in

  a different wood

With Turning Point being such a small family run business unfortunately we do not have the area or facility to run courses.

As long as the item you are wanting can be made out of the wood of choice while still being strong enough to meet our high standard and the wood needed is available then yes. Please use our Contact us form below with all details of what you require.

-Do you have a shop

We do not currently have a physical shop of our own but we do work closely with different local galleries and shops so keep an eye out and share when you find us via Facebook or Instagram. Alternatively visit our Etsy shop to view and purchase our current range of online products.

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-Can I Visit the workshop

Turning point Is a very small family run business in which all our products are turned lovingly at home and do not have the facilities to welcome visitors. 

-Do you feature at events

Yes we often have exhibits at shows as big as Devon County Show but we also love showing our items at the smaller town and village shows around south Devon.

Follow us on social media to know when and where you will see us.

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